November 17, 2010


Not sure if its the cool autumn air that gets me sentimental or the group of pregnant women we saw last night, but I am full of love for my babe today.

It has been a hard couple of days. I had him yesterday morning to let the Papa have some time to himself and then today he woke up when Tim left for the airport at 5am after a night of nursing and making me fall off the bed from his scootching closer and closer.


We got coffee and a pastry together this morning and sat in the botanical gardens sharing the morning. He practiced chewing with every bite I took and happily chewed on his Sophie for the whole walk.

He laughed when I was struggling to put on his shirt and he wouldn't give me his arm. He usually fusses.

He fell asleep on our way to the mission today for a baby play group instead of screaming the whole way. I got to listen to The Weepies, which makes me so happy :)

My boy entertained the crowd at play group and then got one step closer to crawling (up on all fours with HEAD UP(rather than his head on the ground)).

He fell asleep in the carrier facing me while I rocked him and ate lunch standing up in a restaurant.

He cracked up in the carseat when I was putting him in and we both laughed until we had to catch our breath. A dream of what families are supposed to be like.

He was silent and played the whole way home.

This all made up for:
poop and vomit on the down comforter this morning (the WHITE down comforter).
keeping me up all night long
being a single mom for a couple days with no down time
peeing on our newly clean bedspread moments after putting him on it.
fussing all day if I'm not touching him.

I love my muffin.

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