November 3, 2010

Solid Food Controversy & Other things

1) we're all sick. I have a sore throat, stuffy head, and general exhaustion. Little T is extra fussy and snorky, and papa bear is almost over his cold and is taking care of us all. It is completely heartbreaking to see our little Muffin's pouty lip come out, but it is wonderful that he's napping longer than usual and is back to his 1 wake up per night (5am).

2) I'm really frustrated with our Doctor these days and am not sure what to do with it. Our Doctor essentially tried to push starting solids on us at our four month appointment. I questioned him and he didn't back down, essentially saying that all the former research that says to start at 6 months is faulty.

I asked our midwife about it and she was essentially appalled. She said the baby needs to be able to sit up by himself and reach for our food to be ready (at least six months). When I looked at the materials from Kaiser, they too said the same thing (and said breastfeeding mamas should wait till 6 months).

What's up with our doctor pushing them on us? Our boy is already in the 98% - sleeping through the night and super happy. Why rock the boat? I'm not sure if I should call him and talk to him about what I found or if I should just find another doctor. I get okaying it if a mom comes in super gung ho about starting, but why make me feel like we should start?

To be perfectly honest, I don't love breastfeeding. I think its kind of a pain in the butt and I think my boy would LOVE to start eating, but I don't want to mess him up!

3) Baby T and I took our first plane ride together. He was wonderful. I was a little uncomfortable and stressed so I don't think we'll be doing it any time soon for any great distance, but it was a wonderful trip and we got to see great friends.

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