November 11, 2010

Baby proofing

Tim and I had a totally babyproofed house before Turner came. Babies wouldn't want to come near it it was so boring and white. Yeah - not funny.

I love whites and beige and tan and brown. Our entire living room is neutral shades and our two rugs are white shag. Tim is convinced that it is sustainable but I have to disagree.

Along with avoiding staining all of our beloved stuff, we have a dangerous stair case, hard wood furniture (that injures small children regularly), poor electrical outlets, and a house without "crap". I hate "stuff" in the house. I want everything to have a place and a purpose. Decorative doo dads don't work for me (except my beloved bud vases - they are just there to be beautiful). We now have a bunch of stuff we have to contain.

Every night I have to go through the house picking up toys, dirty diapers, blankets with pee on them and move them all back to the babe's room, just to be moved back again. Our bedside tables are full of burp rags and our houseplants are dead. One by one I'm going to fix these problems so our house no longer looks like a baby took it over :)

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