October 29, 2012

Two bedrooms and two little boys

We had our anatomy scan today.  They wouldn't let Bubbs into the room with me b/c he was late and they suck.  I had the tech write the sex down so we could see it for the first time together. 

He was so upset that he was stuck outside - I could just see it on his face when I walked out, but we opened the envelope and saw we were having a boy.

Lil T is having a brother.

I'm thrilled.

Honestly, I kinda have an internal struggle with being as feminine as I'd like and not knowing how that jives with being a feminist.  Plus, not knowing HOW to be feminine and hating myself for spending money on things like clothes and salons and makeup when it could got to savings or groceries.

So, I never have to teach anyone about bikini waxes or body hair management, worry about spending thousands on a wedding dress, deal with the slutty 6 year old Halloween costumes, or any of those other things.

I do realize that all we know is what body parts our babe is born with, but having a child has taught me that gender is NOT necessarily a socially constructed thing (as I wrote in all my college papers), but there is a spectrum we all fall on.  T surprises me with his love of superheros (despite me never introducing them to him), trucks, legos, and also his love of his "baby" (elmo), feeding him, loving on him, and being so gentle with his baby.  I may still have to buy a wedding dress or teach how to apply makeup, but for now, I'm comfortable and happy with my two boys.

I had issues at first with our boy name being just a cool name I heard, and not something "meaningful," but the only meaningful name we could come up with was "bob" and I'm not going to do that to a poor innocent baby.

His name has a SUPER cool nickname and a very distinguished full name that will totally do for a supreme court justice.

Bubbs and I are both incredibly hairy and I am so glad not to pass these genes onto a poor woman (at least with today's beauty standards).

Hopefully pics to come on the new groovy rooms soon - we still love them to pieces - I just have to make my bed first to make that happen.


  1. I so agree with you about gender and specifically it not being completely a social construct (as I wrote in my grad school papers, too, lol). The first time the kid started "vrooming" his car, I didn't know what to think, because no one around him had ever done that. I still firmly believe there is a strong social component, but there are differences between boys and girls. Ones they're born with.

  2. Congratulations!! Two boys will be such fun.