October 29, 2012

Is it Morning?

One of our favorite things right now is that T wakes up and just looks around for awhile.  He drinks in the morning.  His sweet little eyes open and he stays snuggled in bed.

Once we wake up (or aknowledge that we're awake), he is a happy chirpy little guy wanting to chat and catch up.

This morning's sweet conversation:

T: Is it morning?
Bubbs: Yup, it's morning.
T: Is it dark outside?
Bubbs: Yup, its dark outside, but it is still morning.
T: Why?
Bubbs: Because in winter and autumn the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier and stays dark later in the morning, but it is still morning
Mama: Because the sun is still sleeping.
Bubbs: Yeah, because the sun is still sleeping.
T: But, sometimes children are hungry.
Mama: Are you hungry?
T: I am hungry, but the sun is still sleeping.  Children are hungry, Daddy. Let's have some food, dude.

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