October 22, 2012

Decorating and Kicking

18 weeks today.  This baby is KICKING - like so you can feel it on the outside.  Looking back, I think I felt it with T at 22 weeks (but my placenta was in the front).

Bubbs felt it this weekend and T keeps yelling, "my brother is kicking me!"  

My nausea is still horrible if I don't take my medicine, but as long as I take it in regular intervals, I can keep it at bay.  I do have a low energy when I first take it, which is a bummer for T, but it is better than vomiting.  For sure.

I had a surge of energy.

We switched rooms. T and Baby Santa Clause (that's the name T has given the new baby) will share the big room and Mama and Daddy get the smaller one.

I painted (with zero VOC BM Paint) a deep dark grey, and over the course of the two day weekend, we built ikea kitchen cabinets as dressers (similar to young house love's old master bedroom), turned T's new room into a playroom/bedroom, and just generally kicked serious ass in the decorating department.

I have to say that I'd forgotten how good it felt to decorate. I get a serious high when I can turn a blank canvas (or baby room) into a sexydarkgroovy well thought out room.  Even if I cheated and stole ideas from other people.  We all slept very well last night - maybe from working so hard and maybe b/c our new rooms are just what they were supposed to be.

We sold our Kivik sofa downstairs in the rumpus room to prepare the room for construction so our Au Pair will have a decent place to live when she arrives in February.  The sale of the sofa completely paid for our new room transformation!

Photos to come.

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