April 13, 2012

Mid-Century Inspiration

So, um, we're a little behind on Mad Men.

Tim and I jumped up in the middle of Season 5, Episode 1 (last night) when we saw this:

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Because we had just done this:


Bubbs brought that gold metallic "sculpture?" home a few years ago from a junk store. I was seriously against it. SERIOUSLY.

He would have our entire house look like it was out of my aunt's house if he could. I won't tell you which Aunt, and since I have like 20, she'd never know. Her amazing house hasn't changed since 1968.

I like a little mix of modern and mid-century.

This gold thing was way too much for me.

My plan was to spray it white, but I thought I'd check it in the room first.

I loved it. The gold on the blue rocked.

A few nails and it was in for good.

It only took three years for me to like it and get a room that it would work for.

Makes me fearful to toss other things that are stacked up as "maybe" in the garage...