April 23, 2012

Updates in Parenting

22 months rocks big time.

Our little guy cleans up his toys when he leaves a room. Like every time. Even at his cousin's house. I know I'm supposed to love him unconditionally, but I love him more when he does this.

He come RUNNING through the house yelling "HELP DISHES" if he hears someone running the water. And he actually DOES help.

And the biggest miracle of all? He's sleeping. Like all night. For two weeks now (minus one night where he hadn't pooped the day before and the groaned in pain all night long).

He's putting together 2-3 word sentences - and sometimes even more.

T's been singing the last word in a phrase in songs for awhile, but he's just started singing the whole thing - and singing to himself as he plays...ALONE.

We had an amazing weekend out of the house at the beach and the river. T spent a lot of time in the car though. At one point he was singing Happy Birthday, but rather than using "rolo" as the name (his aunt) he sang, "Happy To You, Pinecone" and cracked himself up. My little guy is telling jokes.

His naps are going later and later 1:30-2ish and his bedtime is horribly close to 9:30 (it's been consistently 8pm since he was like 2 months old).

Anyway, life just got a little easier in every way.

Life back 2012.


  1. Such a fun age, right?! I love toddlerhood! (Even when it's so, so intense.)

    Your man is so delicious! Handsome, handsome.

    Harps is a total night owl, too. No matter what we try, she's rarely asleep before 8:45/9. Oof.

  2. Good to know we're not alone! I don't think we've had an "adult night" for weeks!