April 8, 2012

I was not prepared for Easter

We aren't doing Santa, so I think that pretty much means we won't do the Easter Bunny. A few days ago the weather started feeling like Spring and I got in the mood for Easter. This surprised the heck of out me. I LOVE Christmas, but Easter? Wha?

I bought flowers and decorated my new windowsill (installed with the 'remodel') with fennel from our CSA box.



(what you don't eat popcorn dipped in applesauce?)

We took Turner and his little friend to a farm to look at a baby lamb

Love blossomed

This might have been the coolest thing we saw

Easter for us, when I was a kid, was driving all over at least three hours in the car in fancy dresses and looking for quarters scotch taped on eggs at our Nonni's house.

In an attempt to start our own traditions, I decided we would do Easter.

I bought a Lamb Leg (my new favorite food) and a ham (which I hate, but thought we should have because its Easter?).

Fresh strawberries, pound cake, whipped cream for dessert, leg of lamb, roasted vegis, and scalloped potatoes.

Yesterday I put food coloring in mugs, googled "how to dye easter eggs" (rookie), took off all of T's clothes and set him loose.

He LOVED ploping the eggs in the dye. Which splattered my kitchen. Awesome.


I LOVED the stains it left on my table - inspiration to FINALLY do something about the hideous Formica top.

After one of the worst nights we've had in a long long time, we woke up and Daddy had hidden the eggs.

Turner and I were curled up together and Daddy came in.

"Turner, a magical bunny came and hid eggs all over the house."

"um, daddy, what about our no lying thing?"

"oh, um, a Pretend magical bunny came to our house."


So the hunt began.

And T couldn't have cared less!

He was too lazy to bend over to get the eggs and when he did, he just wanted to dump them from his basket. When he would find one, we would exclaim, "wow! you found one! Do you want to put it in your basket?" T would say, "no, eat." And proceed to put the egg in his mouth. Then smash it in his fist.

So far, we've had a loverly spring day. Mama cooked, T and daddy had adventures. Cousins are coming over for an afternoon at the beach and then we eat.

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