April 25, 2012

Hiding our TV - Again


We originally bought the Expedit because I hated the idea of having a TV in the living room, but there were just no other options in our new house.  I figured I could hide the TV somehow.

Using the fabric wall hanging that used to be over our bed, we cut out the frame and hemmed it to size.

First we used tension rods to hang the "screen."

When that started sagging, we changed it up and  just used double sided velcro to stick the screen up there.

Anyway - I hated that the fabric was in two pieces (we did it that way for the tension rod idea to work).  But I loved the fabric.  It didn't compete with the crazy blue and white curtains and it was neutral enough to go with the rest of the room.


It was looking a little shabby though.  And there was NOTHING cute about it.

I headed to Cost Plus (it is so weird to me that some people call it World Market) and bought out their curtain supply.  The one we used to hide the TV is actually supposed to be  a shower curtain.  I also bought curtains for T's room (he needed them since it was getting light much earlier).

I cut, ironed on some hem tape, and added the velcro (using the same iron on hem tape).


I like it okay.

It still isn't ideal - but I'm sort of re-thinking the whole piece of furniture (don't tell bubbs - I had to fight to get it in the first place only a year ago).

It is actually kind of cool the way the fabric plays off the curtains.

Oh - but I cut it sideways - oops!  Can you see the people in the middle? 


  1. I always love your style so much. The bookcase looks really great!

  2. Thanks! Maybe it'll stay like this awhile :)