July 13, 2011

Scrolly dreamcatcher of a headboard is PAINTED!

These are all the steps I didn't take:
Step One: sand the headboard (yeah, didn't do that)
Step Two: prime the headboard (nope, not that one either)

This is what I DID do.
With an hour between my day finishing up and the baby coming home, I got the tarp from the garage, laid it out on the living room rug and painted and painted (Juniper from Benjamin Moore) in zero VOC paint. The paint ran right off the headboard, beaded up, it was awesome. But I let the first "coat" dry and started again. After three coats, it looked HORRIBLE.

You can see all the splotches and drips here (but it is SO much worse up close).

After letting it dry and trying to keep the baby AWAY from it once he arrived, I propped it up behind the bed.

I love love love it. But the pictures had to go. They were way too modern for my scrolly headboard and swirly curtains.

The plan is to saw off the bottom of the legs and screw it into the bedframe - but I have no idea when that's gonna happen :)

Our Yellow and Turquoise Bedroom is off to a good start...but there is so much more to do.

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