July 25, 2011

"We're Going on a Bear Hunt" is the best book ever. Period.

I thought this book would be WAY too mature for my munchkin.

At 8 months, he and his cousins (2 &4) all sat (for a long time) listening to it.

At 13 months he's beat boxing, doing the hand motions, and making the swishy sawchy sounds.

It is by far his favorite.

Along with...
"Duck Ellington (swings by the zoo)."

He likes to make the animal noises (especially monkey, lion, and duck), say "turtle" and "ball, and loves the page with ALL the animals on one page.

"Who Made That Smell?" is another favorite.
He mostly likes to go to the page with the hippo and say "hippo")

...and "Baby's Bedtime."

This book has been his favorite for ever. It was a gift from his aunt, and every night he points out the mama and daddy, the ball, and we kiss all the people good night.

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