June 28, 2011

To clean or to paint

My inlaws are in town and our regular chores have been lagging. There's laundry to put away and old projects to clean up.


I finally got my amazing magnificent headboard!

Last night the seller emailed me to see if I still wanted it. I was so embarrased for bailing TWICE that I thought I would just let someone else have it.

I left the house before the babe was asleep (right as he was vomiting up his bottle from wrestling too hard - told ya so) and drove across town.

It is just as scrolly and perfect as it looked on craigslist and it is all mine for the great price of $30.

Getting it into my car - double parked - on a very busy one way street was quite the show. But it got in.

Now - when I'm done working today do I actually finish laundry and make our house presentable or do I paint?

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