March 11, 2011

Kitchen Do-up

One of the things we love about our new house is the 1947 original kitchen. What we don't love are the :

cabinets that don't quite close
UGLY replacement plastic knobs
disgusting and broken fridge and stove
NO dishwasher
cracked and broken tile




I decided to embrace the baby blue windmill tile and go baby blue and red (my favorite color). I searched and searched for cool drawer pulls in red and chrome, but they are HARD to find. I found really cool vintage ones, but no one had the 13 I needed and when they did, they were like $20 each. Mama wasn't anywhere near spending hundreds of dollars on drawer pulls.

I was in ikea buying sheers for our windows and came across the PERFECT drawer pulls - 2 for $5. IMG_5059

more "all done" (our latest sign we're working on) pics to come!

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