March 15, 2011

8 months old

This is as close as the boy will get to a babybook (seriously - how do people keep up with those?).

At eight months you have SIX teeth. At seven months you had ZERO. Over the last two weeks you've gotten all your teeth (four on top and two on bottom) and no one has gotten much sleep because you've been so restless. You had a few bad days at daycare, but otherwise, you've been okay.

You're DONE crawling. You think its too slow and you want to walk. You're standing up without holding onto anything and yesterday you took one step (though it was an accident). I predict by 10 months you'll be walking and I'm scared :)

We decided to stop using the crib since it was impossible to get you to stay asleep, and we're finally getting some evenings back now that you are on a futon on the floor and we don't have to move you to the crib after you fall asleep. We're baby-proofed the room so even if you get up there's nothing that can hurt you (and vice versa), but really, when you wake up, you just sit up and cry which makes me so sad.


You've become so "enthusiastic" with your love for other babies that you've actually become a danger - kissing them with your teeth, pulling up on their little bodies, and hitting them with your wildly waving hands. I hate that I have to keep pulling you off, but your daddy's "sneak attack" game only encourages the wrestling :)

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