March 6, 2011

We're a house full of sickos

We dropped Turner off on Friday and Tim and I were both sick. We worked through it (I have no sick days left and he had a big meeting), but work was WAY easier than taking care of an eight month old.

I have a cold - a bad one. I also have PINK EYE. Yup. the kind of sickness you get from little kids. Why do they get it? Because they get POOP in their eye. My niece and nephew came over looking like the hunchback of notre dame twins and infected me. We think Turner may have had it a little, but his magical little self only got some goop and no pink, but I'm the creepy lady in the store that everyone wonders why she left the house.

When Tim got home and we were about to go get Turner, I just wished that we could leave him there for one more day. I missed him, I felt guilty, but I couldn't imagine how I could take care of him and have another sleepless night with this kind of cold. Plus, my pink eye makes my eye hurt when I bend over. WEird - but true.

Amazingly, the minute his papa brought him through the door - I found some energy. We made dinner (hummus on toast), took a bath, played, and went to bed.

We have a bunch of stuff to do in the house still. Everything's put away, but mama's got decorating plans and we have nothing on the walls - so weekends are going to be project centered at our house...

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