March 12, 2011

Hiding the TV in our expedit

In our old house, we had an office/guest room/TV room/den. The TV lived in a beautiful armoire in there and we had a TV free living room. I hate the idea that the TV would be the focal point in our house.

Problem is, we went from a three bedroom to a two bedroom, so the TV is in the living room.

We also lost a lot of built in bookshelves, so ikea expedit came to the rescue.

Problem is - little 8 month old hands LOVE the flashing lights on the wireless router and can't wait to sink his newly popped out teeth into electrical wires.


Mama had to think and think fast.

In our old house we had this piece of fabric framed above our bed that we liked (bought for $10 off craigslist), but I was ready to move on in our new house. It would become our "cover."

Nothing gets done around here unless its naptime and naptime means NO noise (how a musician got a noise sensitive kid, I'll never know). So sewing our project was out.

I sent papa off to the store for two tension rods...and i got cutting.


I cut the fabric in half and started "hemming" using "stitch witchery" an iron on hem thingamajigger.


(and I actually followed the directions! shocker!).

So, I hemmed the sides and created one loop (essentially hemming the top but leaving space so a rod could go through it). Hung it and measured to make sure it would fit correctly, then made the second loop. All without touching the sewing machine. I was expecting to have to sew it up after making sure it worked, but so far a week later and it holds up well.


I re-inserted the rods, stuck them up and VOILA! Magically perfect! (well, we might do some upgrades at some point - but for now the boy and the tv are safe).


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