June 10, 2010

Yoga on Tuesday. Kinda lame - too many people crowded and it was a little difficult with my ginormous belly.
Walked on Wednesday at Land's end which felt loverly. Had a great talk with another preggo.
Walked today (Thursday) for about three hours down Clement Street. Got some good activity happening towards the end.

I've been feeling a lot of cramping in my cervix (kind of like sharp pains) which I know are probably just the baby's head hitting a nerve, but rather than freak out, I say to myself "open" and breath through them, hoping that it does something real.

Tonight Tim and I take our "newborn care class" which will probably be a little refresher for us both since we've taken care of the niece and nephew plenty, but I like taking time for us to focus on the baby together.

The freezer is stocked and all I have left to make is oatmeal cookie dough and cinnamon rolls (for easy defrost and bake with no mess).

So far I have:
2 pans of lasagne
a batch of black bean soup (in small containers)
spinach casserole
mac and cheese with broccolini and cauliflower
two quiches (bacon, spinach, onion)
breakfast burritos
bean and cheese burritos

Hopefully that will last us a couple week.s

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