June 16, 2010

Still only 38 weeks and 2 days (40 weeks is my due date and the baby can come as late at 42 weeks). But each day gets LONGER and LONGER.

Every morning I wake up and I'm not in full blown active labor is a disappointment. I've started planning at least one big activity a day to keep me occupied because otherwise I think I'd go nuts.

Lost my mucus plug yesterday which is another sign that things are moving along, but not enough to actually say that anything real is happening (can be 2 weeks to 2 hours before baby is born when you lose your mucus plug).

I can feel that things are happening, but I'd really like to get this show on the road.

The house is getting scrubbed today, so I'm hoping that Turner was just waiting for a super duper clean house and fresh flowers before he decides to make his entrance into the world. Or he's gonna wait another week until the house is a mess again and the flowers are dead.

I'd love to have a baby by this weekend.

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