June 14, 2010

38 weeks today!

Went on a walk to Tart to Tart with Tim yesterday and had some serious lower pressure and lots of braxton hicks. It felt so weird, at one point I started to cry - not the first time I've spontaneously cried during this pregnancy.

We sat down, had a slice of cake, played dice, then walked home with more good pressure and cramping.

Our midwife came over this morning and checked my cervix for progress...3 cm and 80% effaced (effaced=how thin your cervix gets). I have to keep reminding myself that that doesn't mean anything (you can go into full blown labor with no dilation or be at a 4 for weeks before active labor), but at least all the walking is working. And the cramping I've been feeling is real.

I've had menstrual type cramps since she stripped my membranes which I think is a good sign. I'm just gonna wait it out!

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