June 5, 2010

Tomorrow we hit 37 weeks. That means that Turner can come at any time and that we can have him at home. I'm So ready.

Went to see Alia's baby girl today and she was SO much smaller than I imagined, but I suppose that's because I haven't seen a new baby recently.

My feet are swollen (for the first time really) but I think it was from the Sonoma County heat. It was 87 degrees when I left Petaluma at 2:30 and 65 when I got into the city. Tim and I met up with some friends in the park with their babies and it was a loverly perfect temperature. My feet are still swollen though :)

Someone from our birth group won't be attending our dinner party tomorrow night because her water broke this morning. As thrilled as I am for her, I want it to be ME in labor right now (she's due the same time we are). I'll be as patient as I can, but I'm over this and want to hold little T on the outside.

Feels like he's ready too, because as we speak he is pressing down with his head into my cervix (which is a stabbing sort of pain) and up into my ribs with his little butt (which is mostly just cute and kinda uncomfortable).

When our midwives measure my uterus they have been getting high measurements pretty consistently (between 4-6 weeks ahead). We finally went for an ultrasound to rule out a huge baby or excessive amniotic fluid, and everything is perfectly on track (though I was hoping for an incorrect due date and that we were further along than we though).

Next week is food week, where I'll be baking and cooking and storing all kinds of goodies so we can have them on hand and ready to be cooked once the baby is here so we aren't eating pizza and chinese every night.

Our todo list:
install dimmers on the light switches in bedroom and nursery
wash all the diapers FIVE times (so they are absorbent, apparently)
make a ton of food
get a list of contacts for my sister to send announcement emails to
clean out my closet (b/c I have a feeling it will never get done if we don't do it now)
get Tim's office in order

And, by the way - I'm cranky. Very cranky. And I have THE most amazing husband on the planet. He's SO patient and loving and kind even though most of the time I'm horrible to be around. Luckily, I think he knows it won't last forever - just 'till we get the placenta out of me.

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