July 27, 2012

Paleo Woes

Um - I think I'm addicted to carbs.

The dairy I'm pretty cool with, but the carbs are killing me.

So far we've eaten:
steak (alton brown style) with onions and mushrooms - delightful
"paleo mashed potatoes" (caulflower, garlic, coconut milk) - GROSS and a waste of food and time
Roast Chicken (thomas keller style) - delightful
Roasted broccoli - yum
Bell pepper, italian sauage, spinach frittata - great for the first three days - now I'm sick of it
Zuchini stuffed with the same stuff from frittata - great for the first day - not so great after

We're going to do one cheat day per week (the day I make a long drive for work) and last night we did a MAJOR cheat with pizza (whole wheat thin crust), but still, pizza.

It was amazing.

We realized that we should really enjoy the pizzas and cheeses that we eat and not eat them so often that we forget what a treat they are.

Anyway - I just ate my lunch of roasted beets, romaine, raisens, cashews and oil and vinegar dressing.  It was actually pretty good.

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  1. I have a mild case of gestational diabetes, and have had to be on a low-carb, very low-sugar diet for the past month (with another 6 weeks to go) and I am going crazy! I told my husband he had better start figuring out the logistics of sneaking some Denny's French toast into my hospital room. But also? I lost 5 pounds (pregnant!) and am currently only 10 pounds heavier than pre-pregnancy. So I'm also tempted to keep up the diet (as best I can) after the kiddo pops out.