July 11, 2012

Boost MY Roost, pretty please!

Making It Lovely has teamed up with House Logic to offer 20,000 bucks to a homeowner for a remodel!

After our kitchen disaster (bad "handyman" doing crappy quality work), I REALLY want the bathroom to be done right - particularly since a little water is involved.

Anyway - I'm going to enter the contest to see if my fantastically funky bathroom could get a little love!

Here's my entry:

We have a really cozy mid-century two bedroom flat that has a great layout.  Our bathroom has the dreaded (or coveted) pink tiles!

All around the room there are pink and blue tiles with yellowing and cracked grout.  Along with that, there were multiple towel racks installed around the room.  I took them down, but the hanging tabs are still there since they were drilled into the tile.


The original (very groovy) medicine cabinet is there as well, but the mirror has lost its silvering, so it is just chipped and funky.

There is also the built in vanity, which is a great idea, but serves very little purpose (and the mirror is so low it only reflects very awkward images).

Then we come to the shower.  It is tiny, has no light, and is truthfully, a little creepy.  We took baths the first week we moved in because the shower was just a little too claustrophobic for us.  While I despise the tiles for aesthetic reasons, I'm really worried about what the walls look like behind them.  Like I said, they are original to the house.  We just took out some tile in the kitchen and parts of the counter were rotting, so this project is a little urgent as I think we might find water damage as well.

I LOVE our cast iron tub.  It stays hot for a long time and is a great size.  It has a few rust spots in it though and I would love to either replace or re-glaze it.


With a wild little guy, we spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom :)  We all sit in there for bath time, He joins us in our showers 9 times out of 10.  We all hang out and read books while he's potty training, and he plays on the floor while we get ready for the day.  You should see him "shave" with daddy - too cute.


I'd love to do a more classic look.  Keep the basic elements and layout we have here. 

1) Get rid of that pink tile!  Sheetrock the walls that aren't directly touched by water and paint a pretty soothing spa color.
2) Replace the tub splash area with white subway tile, possibly replace the tub (or reglaze).
3) Remove the built in vanity and extend the shower out an additional 20 inches
4) Tile the shower with simple white subway tile
5) An added major bonus would be a laundry shoot in there.  Our laundry is in the basement, directly below this room, and it would rock my world to have a shoot that could be childproof and save me the daily trips up and down two flights of stairs with the laundry.

Our house is mostly colorful and crazy (we have a toddler), so I'd like this room to be classic and mellow.  I'm hoping we have another little one on the way at some point.  We won't have the money for many years to do this remodel, so this would be a total dream come true!

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