July 23, 2012

Paleo Day 1

I had a weekend in a hotel room.

My body hates me for it. I was bored and missed my boys and I over ate. REALLY over ate.

I'm cutting back. Only whole foods, no dairy, no sugar.

Tons of fruit, vegis, and meat - all organic and free range.

We started last night with Tacos.

Pork marinated for hours in Trader Joe's Chipotle Garlic Salsa
wrapped in lettuce leaves.


This morning (we haven't gone shopping yet so our green food is low).

Eggs with onions and avocado.

So far so good.

I think we're going to be going through a lot of avocado since that's what makes me not miss bread.


  1. I have been super struggling with diet, and am finally on a fantastic eating routine, something I can actually live with. Burn 3, Refuel 1. I can't believe I barely miss cheese.

    Good luck! Share your results, tips, and recipes; I am always on the hunt for better foods and new flavors!

  2. You will adjust and get used to it. My hubby and I have been Paleo for about 16 months now and I rarely ever miss bread!