June 2, 2012

Cutting and Sawing and Drilling and Dreaming - Closet Fun


This monstrosity was my closet.

I don't have drawers small enough to be useful underwear and sock drawers so I used these cubes that sat on my closet floor along with 50% of my shoes.

My closet has a single narrow door with a lot of space on either side - but it is super dark and not set up in any way that is useful.  Plus the bar looked like it was about to snap.

I headed to my local cramped hardware store (if you've only been to home depot, you haven't lived).

There were white plastic options for cheaper, but I bought three sets of these.


They sat in a bag in the front hall for about a month.

Then, one day, during my lunch break, I got a bug up my butt to do something about my closet (that bug might have been the house exchange coming up.

First, I took got out the drill.

Second, I looked up you-tube videos so I could figure out how to use the drill.

25 minutes later - I figured out how to load the screwy thing into the zizzer thing.

Then I removed the pole.

Um, it was PVC pipe.


In yet another stupid idea from the people here before us (to be archived with painting latex over oil based paint), rather than spend the money on a wood closet bar, they bought PVC pipe.

In yet another stupid idea from US, I just cut the PVC to the lengths I wanted it rather than buying wood.

I used the only saw we have that you don't plug in and cut the PVC into equal (sort of) pieces (after measuring the closet with a flimsy tailoring measuring tape.

Once they were cut and the totally poison PVC sawdust was floating throughout my garage, I went back in to start to re-assemble.

Using my handy dandy thinker hat, I figured that I could start the drill holes with nails.


After an hour of prep, I got my first bar up.

On the other side, I placed two bars - one on top of the other.  I figured dresses and coats could go on the tall bar and shirts and pants could go on the stacked bars.

There was a bookcase that had been abandoned in the garage, so I singlehandedly (well, actually, doublehandedly) carried it back upstairs and loaded my shoes and my underwear/sock boxes on top.

I also took some spare nails to hang belts and bras.


Ta Da!


Oh - and I finally put a lightbulb in (it has been over a year) and the light doesn't work in there. Figures. Thus, aside from my crappy photography skills, the crappy pictures.

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