June 13, 2012

Bathroom Renewal

Anyone know what this thing is? Untitled

No, seriously. It used to be on our bathtub faucet Untitled

See it there? We've been staring at it for a year and I was pretty disgusted by it (an off white rubbery thing), but Bubbs was convinced that it was holding the whole bathroom together or something, so we left it on. Till I got a bug up my butt and demanded it come off.

Two minutes later, this is what we saw:


A perfectly normal faucet. What the heck was that thing for?!

That same day...I bought this from the hardware store:

If our bathroom was going to be full of pink, craked, nasty tile, at least the grout could be white instead of yellow. This stuff is AMAZING. It took like two hours total and the difference is stark. Of course, I didn't take pictures. But, trust me. AMAZING stuff.


Same trip I bought a new detachable shower head and new baskets to hold our stuff. The old shower head bordered on abusive the way it attacked you with water and we had an over the faucet shampoo holder that wouldn't work with our new head. The total trip was like $40 in supplies and a million dollars in reward.

And, since we're doing bathroom pictures, I'll leave you with this one:



  1. It's to keep toddler from bonking his head or losing a tooth (don't they all want to play with the drip?) Yes, the rubber looks pretty old. You can buy a NEW one that looks like a duck or elephant or something...or you can just tie the washcloth around it.

  2. It's a baby protector! They are cuter now, like animals and stuff....but I totally thought YOU guys put it on there!