June 17, 2011

Ugly 80's headboard or scrolly dreamcatcher of my dreams?

This beauty is $30 bucks on craigslist. I'm hoping to pick her up today, paint her turquoise and get started making our bedroom look like more than a 15 year old's "design" idea.

I keep wavering back and forth between a calm white bedroom and the craziness that we have going now - but T's got a runny nose and coughed up phlem (yup made me almost lose my breakfast) - so colorful and washable it is :)

ps - I'm hoping to paint the living room tonight when the boy falls asleep. I realize that I'll be up all night long and probably miss a bunch of spots painting in the dark, but it NEEDS to get done.

I chose the color blind - like all my color choices, but I haven't been disappointed yet - so here we go!

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