June 6, 2011

This is what a working mama feels like

I realized today that people can't shine if you don't give them the opportunity.

Sometimes I'm so afraid to ask for help, or worried things won't turn out exactly perfectly the way I want them too, that I do everything myself and end up dissapointed that no one could read my mind to help.

I'm working my new job - which I love so far - but it gives me way less errand running time since I leave before any stores are open and rush home to see the babe before he falls asleep. I'm only in the car two days a week, but that means the other days are crammed with as much baby time as possible.

Plus, I'm trying to get to the gym a couple days a week and actually get dressed occasionally.

So - we're taking a trip and I had an INSANE spreadsheet with what we needed to buy, the quantity, what store, what brand, and on what day.

My hubbs kicked serious ass and got it all done - even early. And I got to come home - put the babe to bed (he did all the frustrating parts, I just cuddled and sang), and watch a jennifer aniston romantic comedy with a glass of wine.

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