January 26, 2011

Parenting is hard

Our nanny (we're going for a couple hours once a week before I start work) let Turner cry it out today. Which I asked her not to do. When I told her that I didn't want that happening (for the third time) she insisted it was fussing, but she called it "crying" before I called her on it.
He slept for 2 hours with 20 minutes of "a little crying" in between.

We got home and he's been sleeping for 2 hours.

I'm happy he's sleeping, but concerned that short term results may not lead to long term successes. Dr. Sears and Unconditional Parenting have really started to mess with me. I love the ideas in the book, but can they work with two working parents?

I'm insecure about my gut feelings.

Parenting is really really hard.

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