February 6, 2011

Sunset Bound!

We're really truly moving in 6 days. We got the final appraisal in (the bank wanted two appraisals) and we sign docs on Tuesday!

Most of our furniture is sold (garage sales should all have documentary film crews) thanks to craigslist. Including the woman who told us she was only prepared to spend $50 on the $450 armoire AFTER she had it moved out of our flat by professional movers. Yeah - that rocked.

Really, you thought this was worth fifty bucks?

So we're sofa less, rug less, and ready to redecorate.

We knew we wanted a sectional (the living room is LONG and narrow, so we needed ONE piece of furniture. Tim wanted a leather sectional to withstand our excessive spit upper and licker of everything. I wanted a grey fabric - but the only slip covered halfway modern one was from ikea, and I just didn't want the living room completely decorated in ikea.

So we finally hit "confirm purchase" yesterday and bought this sofa - hopefully delivered on the day of the move.
Now the challenge is figuring a way to make it work and also have our house not look like a smoking chamber in a country club.

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