October 20, 2010

We have teething

Updates on the babe:

1) About a month ago we realized that Turner's "witching hours" (5pm-8pm) were actually just hunger. My supply was lowering and he wasn't getting what he needed. I started taking fenugreek and mothers milk plus and WOW my supply was up almost instantly. He's been a happy camper since then. If I forget to take it for a day, its back down again and we're back at square one.

2) Since we figured that out, dude's been falling asleep at 6:00 and sleeping until 3 or 4. Which is AMAZING.

3) For the last three nights he's been up at least four times and fussing about eating. I have a couple theories. a) he's more aware and wants to play b) he wants to turn over so bad since he learned how that eating is a bad position for him c)he's teething. All signs point to teething since I just left him with his dad for an hour and a half and he screamed the whole time.

3) We still have one of the happiest babies ever. He's a joy.

4) Papa and I are slowly figuring out how to balance our personal needs with the other's need for space and alone time. I've had alone time twice this week and it is SO GROOVY. Even though I got the car washed, returned something to Target, and went to the gym, I feel so relaxed. I really want to go to a movie and go shopping for myself, but any alone time is great.

I'm about to get dressed for lunch with some other mamas and then to our homebirth mama group. Little guy is sleeping peacefully right now so I hope he wakes up in the next half hour so we can go without me waking him early.

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