April 6, 2010


Tim and I just got back from a four day trip to rural virginia. I don't know if the folks there would consider it rural, but it was pretty remote. Tim thought I would be surprised by how remote it was and how "country" everything seemed, but in reality, it was pretty much like a lot of Sonoma County. While it was all beautiful, I'm thrilled to live where I live and climbing into my own bed on Saturday night at 11pm was one of the best feelings in the world.

I was really nervous about flying Southwest pregnant. I'm pretty uncomfortable generally, so 6 hours on a plane seemed horrifying. The great things was PREBOARDING! I got on each plane first, got to get the fabulous front row seats, and stretch my legs the whole time. I was worried about being without food, so I bought a ton of snacks and packed a mini cooler with vegis, cheese, and hummus. Since you can't bring ice through security, I would fill up a large ziplock with ice when we got through and it would last a long time! Everything stayed cold and fresh!

When we got to Raleigh we stayed in a great little B&B - it was a little pricier than what we tend to stay in, but well worth the money. We went to eat some BBQ (which was heavenly), but Tim wasn't looking so hot, so we went home early.

I got concerned about him as he was falling asleep (he just looked a little funny and was saying strange things), but he assured me it was just exhaustion and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and he was burning up. We were up the rest of the night trying to bring down his fever. By morning, he was convinced he was fine, just a little tired, and we continued on our journey.

to be continued.

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