April 21, 2010

So proud of Tim!

After almost a year of prep and bargaining he just finished negotiating a KILLER contract. It included groundbreaking language and most importantly the nurses themselves had to participate in collective action to get it.

Just two years ago he was feeling stifled and stuck in a job (that I still hold) and took a leap to apply for one at his current employer. He’s rocking out and loving every minute of it. We’re both so lucky to have jobs with maximum flexibility, but I’m really proud that he’s found a place that appreciates what he has to offer and that challenges him every day.

I had a horrible thought in the shower this morning though. Since both of our jobs require working the weeks before an election, will we ever be able to take our munchkin trick or treating? Will we have to set up a new tradition that grandma takes him trick or treating every year? Do people even trick or treat in SF? We’ve never had a knock at our door.


  1. I will take him trick or treating.

  2. I'm reading this two years later...both Bubbs and I have different jobs that require no election work. T went trick or treating and we both got to go :)