March 22, 2010

I think I hit the uncomfortable stage

Now that I'm not super duper sick all the time (thanks again to the zofran), a new kind of discomfort has appeared. My lungs are smushed, my stomach is teensy, and it feels like I'm carrying a two pound baby inside me. Oh wait.

I've gained over 20 pounds at this point. I know it's all good stuff for the baby, but carrying it around is exhausting! Walking can leave me breathless, eating wears me out, and sitting/lying/standing for any period of time gets to be painful.

People LOVE pregnant ladies - which is fun. People make eye contact and smile, hold doors, make silly polite conversation, and get so excited when we tell them we're having a boy.

My moods seem to be swinging a bit - mostly when we can't find a bathroom or I can't get what I want to eat (what's up marin county with not letting your restaurants/frozen yogurt stands/bakeries have bathrooms for the public to use - seriously not okay). Poor Tim just gives apologetic smiles to the shop keepers as I storm out to the next place trying to find some food/place to "rest".

I'm going a little nuts lately wishing I could nest, but not having a permanent "nest". Do we want to paint and do all the fun stuff to get a room ready when we might not stay here very long?

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