January 22, 2013

How ugly can sheet vinyl be?

Our Au Pair arrives in just over a month.

Since we have a tiny flat and one bathroom, we're building her a small bathroom of her own in the rumpus room.  Photos to come.  The room is so small the photos I have taken make no sense b/c I can't get a good angle.

This is not a project I'm excited about.  There's hardly any DIY aspect to it, I wanted all the fixtures to be white, we have no money for it, so I wanted the best low grade fixtures we could get.  So much of the cost is going to framing, plumbing, etc, that there is no money left for pretty stuff.

Anyway, yesterday, when we were downstairs looking at the work, Bubbs said, "did you pick out this flooring?"



Rolled up on the floor was something that looked similar to brown 70's square linoleum.

When I told our contractor as we began the project, "cheap flooring - the most boring linoleum you can find."  He did it.

I immediately emailed him and asked how much flooring he needed because that wasn't quite what I had in mind.

He told me that his options were black and white tile, lavendar, or the brown squares - so he went with that since it was the most "solid."  Which makes TOTAL sense.

I don't blame him at all for this.

Anyway - I went on homedepot's website to find something less offensive and came up with only one option that was actually "in-store" for immediate pick up.

Thank goodness for patient, kind, and no-attitude contractors.

As I surfed the internet in a flurry (can you do that), I was playing with the idea of having him lay the ugly stuff.  He already had it, he had done the pre-work for it (cut it to size, etc), and then we could find something we really like to lay on top of it when we were ready.

But, I have 1900 square feet of Riverhouse to work on - and I care more about that. I'm not going to see this bathroom for the next 18 months, most likely.  Our Au Pair will have sole use of it.  (I just realized at some point I'm going to have an 18 month old again - oh no).

So the Vinyl tile was 99 cents a sq foot, it is not offensive, and hopefully won't cost us too much more in labor.  Plus, when I'm done paying a TON of money for a project I won't get to use - I want it to be done.  I don't want to have to lay flooring and re-cut baseboards or molding.  I want to walk away and get to decorate the bedroom attached.

So, long story short, the tile goes in tomorrow, along with the shower - and I think the other fixtures as well.  We should have the room by the end of the week.

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