May 6, 2012

Recovering our Dining Room Chairs

Looking back in the blog, I've been hating my dining room chair's upholstery since April of last year (yup - 13 months ago). I've bought fabric twice and hated it both times.

My curtain fabric makes me a little insecure about my ability to match so I was looking for something toned down and mellow.

Again, we have a house exchange coming in just a few weeks and I had to recover them by then (they were DISGUSTING with toddler spills and who know how many years of funk on them).

I came to terms with the boring grey fabric I would use.

As the Beebs (grandma) took T out for an adventure yesterday morning, I got to work. But...when I pulled out my bag of fabric, I saw something I had forgotten about!


No, not a sofa and a cute baby, but the fabric from this sofa.

My girlfriend had this sofa and every time I went to her house I GUSHED over how amazing the fabric was. They were about to send it to the dumps, and without even asking, she cut any salvageable fabric from the frame and brought it to me!

I quickly measured (by laying my chair seats on top of some fabric) and we had enough! BARELY enough. Like no mistakes enough.

Mama got to work.

It is so easy. I'd do a photo essay on how to make it work, but this guy will do a better job.

I agree with everything he says except that you should put THAT fabric on a chair.

This took me no more than three hours (and that was because I had to pull some fabric SUPER tight).



It is NUTS in that room, but I like it, for now.


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  1. Very good choice. The cushion fabric works very well on the chairs. It complements the walls, the curtains and also the dark brown furniture.