September 29, 2010

3 months

Dude does a VERY cute thing where he takes his pacifier out and tries so hard to get it back in. I say days before he's got it down.

He's giggling now when I sing the ABCs in a funny way and it totally warms my heard.

He's almost rolling over, but when he gets his arm over he loses momentum because he sticks it in his mouth.

moved into medium fuzzibunz - the smalls were supposed to work until 6 months, but the dude is 17+ pounds at 3 months. Chunky thighs and a barrel chest.

Papa and I have started to figure out what we're doing and trying to focus on our relationship. Another mama friend and I have decided we need to write the book on what really happens when you have a kid and how hard those first couple weeks are and how your relationship changes with your spouse. It might make the population explosion slow a bit.

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