August 24, 2010


(this is just spit up, but man oh man, what spit up it is)

Poor dude has thrush.

The day before we were leaving on our trip to Camp Mather (Yosemite) with no access to healthcare, phone, or internet, I saw white fuzz in little T's mouth. I knew immediately it was thrush and started my mad googling to find out what to do about it. Most websites said to let it be, but when I called Kaiser (just to be sure), they prescribed him medication and gave us a million things to do.

The nurse asked us if he was our first and I said yes - to which he responded "oh, then I don' t have to tell you to make sure to santize his pacifiers if they drop on the ground, new parents are obsessive about that. It's the second timers who just brush them off or put them in their own mouths and hand them back to babies." I said, "yup." and felt like a horrible parent.

Apparently, Tim and I act like pros because we NEVER actually sanitzied his pacifiers :0.

This could have been what caused the thrush.

Tim's first attempt to give him his medicine (you are supposed to rub it on his tounge), caused T to violently throw up (he went too far back in his throat), but we got it down from there.

Thrush is not the kind of thing you want to treat while camping for a number of reasons:
1) the medicine is VERY sticky and dirt LOVES to cling to it
2) no table to put bottle on = spilled bottle of medicine
3) air drying my nipples while in public is not really polite
4) it is impossible to steralize everythign every day when you are camping.

So, now I have thrush and have to put medicine on me everytime I feed him, which I then have to remember to wipe off before I feed him again. Not exactly easy.

We're working on it and I'm working on not feeling like a horrible parent.

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  1. oh bummer! i hope the yick clears up fast for ya'll :(

    um but also -- when harps was taking a binky (before her mean mama jerked her away from her after too many sleepless nites), i probably sanitized them...twice? usually i popped it right back in her mouth and MAYBE, if i was feeling fancy, ran some cold water over it. i have a feeling the person you spoke with has never had a baby...

    there's a bunch of evidence that over-sterilizing stuff (especially once they're past that super fragile first month) is why so many kiddos have allergies and stuff like that. every time hj licks the pen at the bank or grabs a handful of grass to munch on, i think "healthy immune system!!"