August 1, 2010

Getting the Hang of This

We are sort of getting the hang of this at this point. We know what to do when he screams in the car. We think we have the nighttime pattern down. We know what to do to make him smile. I've figured out how to manuver everything to feed him without dripping all over myself and him (most times) and to avoid most of the mess of vomit (if we ever remember a burp cloth the first time, we'll give ourselves a medal).

The rewards are finally getting worth the trouble. I know that sounds horrible, but for the first few weeks, you are tired, disgusting, and feel hung over, but the baby just sleeps,eats and poops.

Now he's smiling, laughing, and engaging with us so much more. He feels like our son and not some kid we're taking care of for someone else. He's a great baby who rarely cries unless he's hungry or it is 6:00 and he needs to be soothed to sleep.

This mama's a little camera happy and can't stop taking photos. I've got to start learning how to use the camera properly because the pics we have of him stink - I"d like some that are frame worthy.

This is my newest favorite of Turner and his Papa. They are just too cute together.

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