November 9, 2009

Meeting our Midwife

We had our first interview/appointment with our midwife today. We were a little nervous, but mostly exciting.

When she arrived I started crying (I've been crying a lot lately), but after that embarrassment was over, it was a great visit.

We connected really well with both midwives (they have a team of two that work together) and they were wonderfully open and direct.

Every answer they gave was exactly what we wanted to hear, so I hope they are the ones we continue with in our pregnancy!

We have a doctor's appointment at Kaiser tomorrow for our first ultrasound to find the muffin's heartbeat which will probably allow us to spread the word about our exciting news.

The following day we meet one more midwife. I'm so enthralled with the ones we met today, it will be interesting to meet someone else.

I ate ribs and baked beans today - which I never eat. They were scrumptious.

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