October 23, 2009


I was running a steward training on Saturday (10/17/09) and felt sharp pinching/poking inside my uterus. The lower left side. I immediately picked up my cell phone and texted Tim "I'm cramping!" To which he replied "is that good?".

I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I was sure that was a good sign. It didn't feel like normal menstrual cramping as it was a teensy tiny spot and painful.

The next day as I lay on the couch (Tim was at the exploratorium with a 10 year old friend and a 30 year old friend), I felt them again and decided to test.

I tested and after looking at the test at the 10 minute mark, decided there was a line there. It was VERY faint. I thought I might be making it up. You could only see it if you moved it at a certain angle.

When Tim got home I thrust it at him. He couldn't see the line. When I finally got him to see it, he wasn't a believer - too faint for him (he doesn't know that a line is a line is a line).

I told him to wait because it just gets darker (and honestly, I didn't think it was real either).

The next morning I took another one, but he still didn't believe the line. I told him to go across the street and buy a digital one. He brought it home and I peed on it (I actually did it wrong the first time). I went into the window seat to drink my coffee and brought the test with me.

It beeped - and


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