June 8, 2013

Where have I been?

I think about blogging occasionally.  And then I decide to exercise or eat instead of write/upload pics.

In an attempt to get started again (thanks to my sister who asked if I moved my blog somewhere else) here's a random smattering of what's going on.


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In an attempt to stop the screaming, I have cut out dairy completely from my diet.  It seems to have helped.

Which means that we're eating things that look great.


But taste okay. *butternut squash ravioli requires some kind of savory cheese like gorgonzola. 

It also means I've given up coffee because coffee just doesn't taste as good without milk.

I would think I would have lost weight this way, but no.  It might be because I've taken up drinking coconut milk I quit that yesterday.

Since cutting out dairy helped a bit, but didn't solve the problem entirely, we also cut D's frenulum today.  Poor guy had a tongue tie.  He was gaining weight okay, but we thought we would do this just in case it would help his moodiness.  So far, he's been in a bit of pain.  We just dosed him with Advil and he's been sleeping for an hour so I'm hoping the worst is past us.

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The babe is smiling and cooing which makes all the fussing so much more worth it.

He's heavy but not fat and in 6-9 month clothes at 10 weeks :)



T loves his brother.  Too much.  He gets so excited that the baby flinches EVERY time his brother walks into the room.


Our routine is down now so I can do bedtime with T while Bubbs takes care of Baby D. 

We started swimming lessons after I saw someone almost drown at the river last week.  T LOVES them.  He tells everyone about "my boy teacher, Brian."  He also sat down and ate dinner with us for really the first time ever (we struggle with his appetite in the evening).

Having an Au Pair is amazing.  Period.

We've also been making these Two Ingredient Cookies.  I tell ya -they are amazing.  Smush up banana, pour in some oatmeal (quick oats or regular), then add a bit of cinnamon and a bit of vanilla.  For grownups add chocolate chips :) For munchkins add: chia seeds, raisins, walnuts, anything!  Bake (on parchment paper) at 350 for 15 minutes.  Its like tricking your kid into eating healthy food.  Plus, since there are no exact measurements, they can help!


Two Ingredient Cookies before baking

Our Riverhouse:
We're making tons of progress on our riverhouse.  Um, we're also at double our original budget.  It is getting a little scary at this point, but we're so excited for it to be done at some point.

Our gorgeous light filled kitchen

The enclosed sunporch/sleeping room

The master bedroom

We've been renting houses up in the neighborhood and have two more trips planned.

TT and a friend playing while the grownups chatted in a rental house

A sunny, fern covered redwood hill in our new neighborhood.

My shy cautious boy blossomed there.  He's made friends, wandered off, run around, and walked a ton.  The neighborhood is doing exactly what we wanted it to do for our city boy - so I know it will all be worth the hassle in the end.

We are switching contractors mid-stream.  But the house is down to the bones, and lifted up on stilts.


Our beach is heavenly.


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