November 18, 2012

It is like groundhog day over here

Just as life gets a little crazier, we decide to make it more crazy.

Our disaster is now almost 6 months more disastrous.  We've put three DIFFERENT offers on the house, been rejected three times, become so fricken frustrated with Fannie Mae, but decided to play their game because after hunting for quite some time - this is our house.

A friend of mine today told me she thought we must be independently wealthy to be able to do this. So lemme set the record straight.  This is a hell hole, for one.  We're going in with two other parties, for two (so we're really buying 1/3 of a river house), and three, the property up there is still so cheap compared to the rest of california - granted, where my inlaws live, you could buy a really nice 2-3 bedroom house that needed no work for the price we're buying this for, but we're in California wine country :) We're also cutting back significantly to be able to afford it.  No more vacations outside of this house, cutting our eating out budget, etc, etc, etc.

We're 1 day away from coming to agreement (ah, if I could only count the number of time I typed that already - who knows how close we actually are) - and after that, the mess and a half is ours!

Hopefully 6 months is enough to make it livable enough to enjoy the summer there with our new baby.  I'll be on maternity leave from March - July so I'm hoping for hot weeks at a time in our sunny heaven on the beach.  Plus, 75% of the time I work from home, so the babysitter can take the kids while I work, but we can wake up in the redwoods, drink wine in the hot tub after the kids are asleep, and not turn into evil beasts due to the fogged in summer.

Anyway, once we get confirmation, I'm posting pics :)

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