July 6, 2010

Quick thoughts from a new mama

There are so many fluids involved in a new baby: barf, pee, milk. It's all everywhere and you can't do anything about it. Everything is soaked, we have to change the sheets daily, my outfit several times a day, and are so happy to have mostly leather furniture.

It's not as easy as I want it to be to nap when he naps. Those hours feel precious, but I know I have to figure it out soon.

Babies all like different stuff: we have friends who swore by baby nightgowns, others who liked to swaddle and we can't get Little T more comfy than by putting him in this ONE pair of winnie the pooh hand me down pajamas. We've tried other pj's, but he really loves this one pair. We have to wash them every day.

Breastfeeding was hard until yesterday - then it got a lot easier. Hopefully it stays this way as my milk keeps up with his needs and he gets more efficient. The three hour feeds of the first few days were draining.

So far, Little T's been a great baby. He only cries when he's hungry and we don't pick up on it right away or has little bursts of fussiness if he's gassy. I can't imagine if he had collic or something that made him cranky.

His smiles rock our world, and whenever Tim laughs, Turner mimics him.

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