February 7, 2010

Big as a Cantalope!

Our baby is 6.5 inches long (from rump to head) and about 10.5 oz at 20 weeks.
He's starting to make meconium (baby poop), can hear and taste (guess I need to start eating better so the baby isn't a sugar addict like I am right now).

We're at the halfway point tomorrow and it's actually pretty exciting how many things have come together at this 20 week point.

Tim felt Turner for the first time today. We were having a park day in Golden Gate Park and all of a sudden, I felt him kick (or punch or headbutt), and had Tim push pretty hard on my tummy and at the moment I felt him, Tim jumped back and told me he felt it! Its pretty exciting to get to share that part of it with him.

The ultrasound technician told us that Tim wouldn't be able to feel him until 25 or 26 weeks because I have an anterior placenta (it sits on the front of my belly, not the back like most people), but they were wrong. Strong little dude made his presence known :)

I had my first REALLY good day yesterday. No Zofran, good mood, no nausea. It was pretty spectacular. I can tell that the Zofran does make me a bit more mellow and it was pretty fun to be perky again, even if just for one day. I got sick today though and had to take it, but I have faith that the nausea is on its way out for good.

Baby has some clothes on the way. I realized that we hadn't actually purchased anything for the baby and he's halfway here - I had a little panic attack last night because I was worried that the baby wouldn't have any soft cuddly blankets. I decided that if that was what I thought the baby needed, I should just buy one.

So I went on a little shopping spree and a couple $7.00 items turned into $50.00 pretty quickly online. But I'm excited to get some cute stuff. I hate it when people post things they bought on their blogs b/c I feel like it's free advertising for companies that can afford to pay for it themselves, but I had to post some of the cuteness.

(how cute is this hat?)

I didn't actually end up buying a blanket, but got great ideas on on how to make really cozy great blankets myself (and that don't cost 50 bucks for a blanket).

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  1. once those showers start, you're going to have more baby clothes than you know what to do with. people can't help themselves; they're just TOO cute!